The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Baseball Scorekeeping in America


Nolan Ryan's Seven No-Hitters. (1973-1991)

Sandy Koufax' Four No-Hitters. (1962-1965)

Charlie Robertson's No-Hitter and Perfect Game. (1922)

Dazzy Vance's No-Hitter. (1925)

Bob Feller's First No-Hitter. (1940)

Bob Feller's Second No-Hitter. (1946)

Bob Feller's Third No-Hitter. (1951)

Don Larsen's 1956 World Series Perfect Game. (1956)

Jim Bunning's First No-Hitter. (1958)

'The Greatest Game Ever Pitched.' (1959)

Sandy Koufax' First No-Hitter. (1962)

Bo Belinsky's No-Hitter. (1962)

Don Nottebart's No-Hitter. (1963)

Sandy Koufax' Second No-Hitter. (1963)

Sandy Koufax' Third No-Hitter. (1964)

Losing pitcher Ken Johnson Throws a No-Hitter. (1964)

Jim Bunning's Second No-Hitter and Perfect Game. (1965)

Sandy Koufax' Fourth No-Hitter and Perfect Game. (1965)

Bill Stoneman's First No-Hitter. (1969)

Bob Gibson's No-Hitter. (1971)

Milt Pappas' Nearly-Perfect No-Hitter. (1972)

Nolan Ryan's First No-Hitter. (1973)

Nolan Ryan's Second No-Hitter. (1973)

Nolan Ryan's Third No-Hitter. (1974)

Dick Bosman's No-Hitter. (1974)

Nolan Ryan's Fourth No-Hitter. (1975)

Larry Dierkers's No-Hitter. (1976)

Mike Scott's Division Clinching No-Hitter. (1986)

Nolan Ryan's Fifth No-Hitter. (1981)

Len Barker's No-Hitter and Perfect Game. (1981)

Nolan Ryan's Sixth No-Hitter. (1990)

Nolan Ryan's Seventh No-Hitter. (1991)

Mark Buehrle's First No-Hitter. (2007)

Jutin Verlander's First No-Hitter. (2007)

Mark Buehrle's Second No-Hitter. (2009)

Justin Verlander's Second No-Hitter. (2011)


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