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1April 30, 1922Charlie Robertson's Perfect Game.
2September 4, 1923Sad Sam Jones' No-Hitter.
3September 13, 1925Dazzy Vance's No-Hitter.
4August 21, 1926Ted Lyons' No-Hitter
5September 21, 1934Paul Dean's No-Hitter.
6August 31, 1935Vern Kennedy's No-Hitter.
7June 11, 1938Johnny Vander Meer's First No-Hitter.
8June 15, 1938Johnny Vander Meer's Second No-Hitter.
9August 27, 1938Monte Pearson's No-Hitter
10April 16, 1940Bob Feller's First No-Hitter.
11August 30, 1941Lon Warneke's No-Hitter
12April 30, 1946Bob Feller's Second No-Hitter.
13July 10, 1947Don Black's No-Hitter
14September 3, 1947Bill McCahan's No-Hitter.
15June 30, 1948Bob Lemon's No-Hitter.
16August 11, 1950Vern Bickford's No-Hitter.
17July 1, 1951Bob Feller's Third No-Hitter.
18July 12, 1951Allie Reynolds' First No-Hitter.
19September 28, 1951Allie Reynolds' Second No-Hitter.
20May 15, 1952Virgil Trucks' First No-Hitter.
21August 25, 1952Virgil Trucks' Second No-Hitter
22May 6, 1953Bobo Holloman's No-Hitter.
23September 25, 1956Sal Maglie's No-Hitter.
24October 8, 1956Don Larsen's Perfect Game in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series
25August 20, 1957Bob Keegan's No-Hitter.
26September 20, 1958Hoyt Wilhelm's No-Hitter.
27May 26, 1959'The Greatest Game Ever Pitched.' Harvey Haddix retires the first 36 batters he faces and loses in the 13th inning 1-0.
28August 18, 1960Lew Burdette's No-Hitter.
29September 16, 1960Warren Spahn's First No-Hitter.
30April 28, 1961Warren Spahn's Second No-Hitter.
31May 5, 1962Bo Belinsky's No-Hitter. First No-Hitter in Angels Franchise History
32June 26, 1962Earl Wilson's No-Hitter
33June 30, 1962Sandy Koufax' First No-Hitter.
34August 1, 1962Bill Monbouquette's No-Hitter
35August 26, 1962Jack Kralick's No-Hitter
36May 11, 1963Sandy Koufax' Second No-Hitter.
37May 17, 1963Don Nottebart's No-Hitter. First no-hitter in Houston franchise history.
38April 23, 1964Losing Pitcher Ken Johnson Throws a No-Hitter.
39June 4, 1964Sandy Koufax' Third No-Hitter.
40June 21, 1964Jim Bunning's Second No-Hitter and Perfect Game.
41September 9, 1965Sandy Koufax' Perfect Game and Fourth No-Hitter.
42June 10, 1966Sonny Siebert's No-Hitter.
43June 18, 1967Don Wilson's First No-Hitter.
44August 25, 1967Dean Chance's No-Hitter.
45September 10, 1967Joe Horlen's No-Hitter.
46May 8, 1968Catfish Hunter's Perfect Game.
47July 29, 1968George Culver's No-Hitter.
48September 17, 1968Gaylord Perry's No-Hitter
49September 18, 1968Ray Washburn's No-Hitter.
50April 17, 1969Bill Stoneman's First No-Hitter. Expos Franchise First No-Hitter.
51May 1, 1969Don Wilson's Second No-Hitter.
52August 13, 1969Jim Palmer's No-Hitter.
53August 19, 1969Ken Holtzman's First No-Hitter.
54September 20, 1969Bob Moose's No-Hitter.
55June 12, 1970Dock Ellis' "LSD" No-Hitter.
56July 3, 1970Clyde Wright's No-Hitter.
57September 21, 1970Vida Blue's No-Hitter.
58June 23, 1971Rick Wise's No-Hitter.
59August 14, 1971Bob Gibson's No-Hitter.
60September 2, 1972Milt Pappas' No-Hitter.
61May 15, 1973Nolan Ryan's First No-Hitter.
62July 15, 1973Nolan Ryan's Second No-Hitter.
63July 30, 1973Jim Bibby's No-Hitter.
64August 5, 1973Phil Niekro's No-Hitter.
65July 19, 1974Dick Bosman's No-Hitter.
66September 28, 1974Nolan Ryan's Third No-Hitter.
67June 1, 1975Nolan Ryan's Fourth No-Hitter.
68July 9, 1976Larry Dierker's No-Hitter.
69August 9, 1976John Candelaria's No-Hitter.
70September 22, 1977Bert Blyleven's No-Hitter.
71June 16, 1978Tom Seaver's No-Hitter.
72April 7, 1979Ken Forsch's No-Hitter.
73June 27, 1980Jerry Reuss' No-Hitter.
74May 15, 1981Len Barker's Perfect Game
75September 26, 1981Nolan Ryan's Fifth No-Hitter.
76July 4, 1983Dave Righetti's No-Hitter.
77September 26, 1983Bob Forsch's Second No-Hitter.
78April 7, 1984Jack Morris' No-Hitter.
79September 25, 1986Mike Scott's No-Hitter.
80September 16, 1988Tom Browning's Perfect Game.
81June 11, 1990Nolan Ryan's Sixth No-Hitter.
82June 29, 1990Fernando Valenzuela's No-Hitter
83June 29, 1990Dave Stewart's No-Hitter.
84August 15, 1990Terry Mulholland's No-Hitter.
85May 1, 1991Nolan Ryan's Seventh No-Hitter.
86September 11, 1991Kent Mercker, Mark Wohlers, and Alejandro Pena pitch a combined no-hitter.
87September 8, 1993Darryl Kile's No-Hitter
88July 18, 1999David Cone's Perfect Game.
89May 18, 2004Randy Johnson's 2nd Career No-Hitter and Perfect Game.
90April 18, 2007Mark Buehrle's First No-Hitter.
91June 12, 2007Justin Verlander's First No-Hitter.
92September 1, 2007Clay Buchholz' No-Hitter.
93July 23, 2009Mark Buehrle's second no-hitter and perfect game.
94May 7, 2011Justin Verlander's Second No-Hitter.
95July 13, 2013Tim Lincecum's First No-Hitter.
96August 30, 2015Jake Arrieta's First No-Hitter.
97April 21, 2018Sean Manaea's No-Hitter.
98May 8, 2018James Paxton's No-Hitter.


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