The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Baseball Scorekeeping in America

Famous Games For 1968

1April 15, 1968Longest shutout game.
2May 8, 1968Catfish Hunter's Perfect Game.
3June 24, 1968Jim Northrup hits Two Grand Slams.
4July 14, 1968Hank Aaron's 500th Career Home Run.
5July 14, 1968Don Wilson throws 18 strikeouts. Ties Bob Feller's record.
6July 29, 1968George Culver's No-Hitter.
7September 17, 1968Gaylord Perry's No-Hitter
8September 18, 1968Ray Washburn's No-Hitter.
9September 19, 1968Denny McLain's 31st Victory of the 1968 Season.
10October 2, 1968Bob Gibson fans 17 Tigers for most strikeouts in a World Series game.


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