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Famous Games By Date

1April 7, 1979Ken Forsch's No-Hitter.
2April 7, 1984Jack Morris' No-Hitter.
3April 8, 1974Hank Aaron's 715th Home Run.
4April 12, 1988Bobby Witt Commits 4 Balks.
5April 13, 1984Pete Rose's 4,000th Career Hit.
6April 15, 1947Jackie Robinson breaks baseball's color barrier.
7April 15, 1968Longest shutout game.
8April 16, 1940Bob Feller's First No-Hitter. Only no-hitter on opening day.
9April 17, 1969Bill Stoneman's First No-Hitter. Expos Franchise First No-Hitter.
10April 18, 2007Mark Buehrle's first no-hitter.
11April 21, 2018Sean Manaea's No-Hitter.
12April 23, 1964Losing Pitcher Ken Johnson Throws a No-Hitter.
13April 28, 1961Warren Spahn's Second No-Hitter.
14April 29, 1986Roger Clemens first to throw 20 strikeouts in a nine-inning game.
15April 30, 1922Charlie Robertson's Perfect Game.
16April 30, 1946Bob Feller's Second No-Hitter.
17April 30, 1961Willie Mays hits Four Home Runs.
18May 1, 1969Don Wilson's Second No-Hitter.
19May 1, 1991Nolan Ryan's Seventh No-Hitter.
20May 4, 1975One Millionth Run Scored in MLB History by Bob Watson
21May 5, 1962Bo Belinsky's No-Hitter. First No-Hitter in Angels Franchise History
22May 5, 1999Colorado Rockies score in every inning of a nine-inning game.
23May 6, 1953Bobo Holloman's No-Hitter.
24May 7, 2011Justin Verlander's Second No-Hitter.
25May 8, 1968Catfish Hunter's Perfect Game.
26May 8, 2018James Paxton's No-Hitter.
27May 11, 1963Sandy Koufax' Second No-Hitter.
28May 12, 1970Ernie Banks' 500th Career Home Run.
29May 13, 1958Stan Musial's 3,000th career hit.
30May 14, 1967Mickey Mantle's 500th Career Home Run.
31May 15, 1952Virgil Trucks' First No-Hitter.
32May 15, 1973Nolan Ryan's First No-Hitter.
33May 15, 1981Len Barker's Perfect Game
34May 17, 1925Tris Speaker's 3,000th Career Hit.
35May 17, 1963Don Nottebart's No-Hitter. First no-hitter in Houston franchise history.
36May 18, 2004Randy Johnson's 2nd Career No-Hitter and Perfect Game.
37May 25, 1935Babe Ruth's Final Home Runs (712, 713, 714)
38May 26, 1959'The Greatest Game Ever Pitched.' Harvey Haddix retires the first 36 batters he faces and loses in the 13th inning 1-0.
39May 31, 1927Johnny Neun's Unassisted Triple Play.
40June 1, 1975Nolan Ryan's Fourth No-Hitter.
41June 3, 1932Lou Gehrig hits Four Home Runs.Tony Lazzeri hits for a Natural Cycle.
42June 4, 1964Sandy Koufax' Third No-Hitter.
43June 10, 1959Rocky Colavito hits Four Home Runs.
44June 10, 1966Sonny Siebert's No-Hitter.
45June 11, 1938Johnny Vander Meer's First No-Hitter.
46June 11, 1990Nolan Ryan's Sixth No-Hitter.
47June 12, 1960Ted Williams' 500th Career Home Run.
48June 12, 1970Dock Ellis' "LSD" No-Hitter.
49June 12, 2007Justin Verlander's First No-Hitter.
50June 15, 1938Johnny Vander Meer's Second No-Hitter.
51June 16, 1978Tom Seaver's No-Hitter.
52June 18, 1953Most Runs Scores in a Single Inning (17).
53June 18, 1967Don Wilson's First No-Hitter.
54June 21, 1964Jim Bunning's Second No-Hitter and Perfect Game.
55June 23, 1971Rick Wise's No-Hitter.
56June 24, 1968Jim Northrup hits Two Grand Slams.
57June 26, 1962Earl Wilson's No-Hitter
58June 26, 1970Frank Robinson hits Two Grand Slams.
59June 27, 1973Joe Torre hits for the Cycle
60June 27, 1980Jerry Reuss' No-Hitter.
61June 28, 1950Roy Smalley hits for the Cycle.
62June 29, 1990Fernando Valenzuela's No-Hitter
63June 29, 1990Dave Stewart's No-Hitter.
64June 30, 1948Bob Lemon's No-Hitter.
65June 30, 1962Sandy Koufax' First No-Hitter.
66June 30, 1978Willie McCovey's 500th Career Home Run.
67July 1, 1931Chuck Klein hits for the Cycle. Triple play turned by the Phillies in the 4th.
68July 1, 1951Bob Feller's Third No-Hitter.
69July 2, 1963Juan Marichal pitches 16 shutout innings. Warren Spahn pitches 15⅓ shutout innings. Willie Mays hits a walk-off homer in the 16th.
70July 2, 1970Tony Horton hits for the Cycle.
71July 3, 1966Tony Cloninger hits Two Grand Slams.
72July 3, 1970Clyde Wright's No-Hitter.
73July 4, 1939Jim Tabor hits two Grand Slams.
74July 4, 1983Dave Righetti's No-Hitter.
75July 4, 1985Keith Hernandez hits for the Cycle.
76July 9, 1927Johnny Neun steals five bases in a darkness-shortened seven inning game.
77July 9, 1976Larry Dierker's No-Hitter.
78July 10, 1947Don Black's No-Hitter
79July 12, 1951Allie Reynolds' First No-Hitter.
80July 13, 1934Babe Ruth's 700th Career Home Run.
81July 13, 2013Tim Lincecum's First No-Hitter.
82July 14, 1946Lou Boudreau collects five extra-base hits in a single game.Ted Williams hits three home runs.
83July 14, 1967Eddie Mathews' 500th Career Home Run.
84July 14, 1968Hank Aaron's 500th Career Home Run.
85July 14, 1968Don Wilson throws 18 K's in a nine inning game.
86July 15, 1960Brooks Robinson hits for the Cycle.
87July 15, 1973Nolan Ryan's Second No-Hitter.
88July 18, 1927Ty Cobb's 4,000th Career Hit.
89July 18, 1999David Cone's Perfect Game.
90July 19, 1970Willie Mays' 3,000th Career Hit.
91July 19, 1974Dick Bosman's No-Hitter.
92July 20, 1958Jim Bunning's First No-Hitter.
93July 20, 1976Hank Aaron's 755th Career Home Run.
94July 21, 2004Mark Buehrle throws a two-hitter, but faces the minimum. (2004)
95July 23, 2009Mark Buehrle's second no-hitter and perfect game.
96July 25, 1941Lefty Grove's 300th Career Win.
97July 25, 1982John Candelaria tosses a four-hitter, but faces the minimum. (1982)
98July 31, 1954Joe Adcock hits four home runs in one game and adds a double to collect five extra base hits.
99July 31, 1990Nolan Ryan's 300th Career Win.
100August 1, 1945Mel Ott's 500th Career Home Run.
101August 1, 1970Willie Stargell collects five extra-base hits in a single game.
102August 9, 1976John Candelaria's No-Hitter.
103August 10, 1971Harmon Killebrew's 500th Career Home Run.
104August 11, 1929Babe Ruth's 500th Career Home Run.
105August 11, 1961Warren Spahn's 300th Career Win.
106August 14, 1971Bob Gibson's No-Hitter.
107August 17, 1973Willie Mays' 660th Career Home Run.
108August 18, 1960Lew Burdette's No-Hitter.
109August 22, 2007Most Runs Scored by a Single Team (30).
110August 25, 1922Most Runs Scored in a Single Game (49).
111August 25, 1952Virgil Trucks' Second No-Hitter
112August 28, 1977Steve Garvey collects 5 extra base hits.
113August 31, 1950Gil Hodges hits 4 home runs in a single game.
114September 1, 1933Mel Ott is walked five times in nine innings.
115September 2, 1972Milt Pappas' No-Hitter.
116September 7, 1971Amos Otis steals five bases in a single game.
117September 9, 1965Sandy Koufax' perfect game and fourth no-hitter.
118September 11, 1974Longest Completed Game without a Suspension.
119September 12, 1979Carl Yastremski's 3,000th Career Hit.
120September 13, 1925Dazzy Vance's No-Hitter.
121September 13, 1964Cardinals score in every inning of a nine-inning game.
122September 13, 1965Willie Mays' 500th Career Home Run.
123September 13, 1971Frank Robinson's 500th Career Home Run.
124September 15, 1969Steve Carlton first to throw 19 strikeouts in a nine-inning game.
125September 16, 1960Warren Spahn's First No-Hitter.
126September 16, 1975Rennie Stennett collects 7 hits in a single game.
127September 19, 1968Denny McLain's 31st Victory of the 1968 Season.
128September 20, 1969Bob Moose's No-Hitter.
129September 21, 1970Vida Blue's No-Hitter.
130September 24, 1931Lefty Grove's 31st Victory of the 1931 Season.
131September 24, 1940Jimmie Foxx' 500th Career Home Run.
132September 24, 1974Al Kaline's 3,000th Career Hit.
133September 25, 1986Mike Scott's No-Hitter.
134September 26, 1981Nolan Ryan's Fifth No-Hitter.
135September 28, 1951Allie Reynolds' Second No-Hitter.
136September 28, 1974Nolan Ryan's Third No-Hitter.
137September 30, 1927Babe Ruth's 60th Home Run.
138September 30, 1934Dizzy Dean's 30th win of the 1934 season.
139September 30, 1972Roberto Clemente's 3,000th Career Hit.
140October 1, 1961Roger Maris' 61st Home Run.
141October 2, 1938Bob Feller first to throw 18 strikeouts in a nine-inning game.
142October 2, 1968Bob Gibson fans 17 Tigers for most strikeouts in a World Series game.
143October 3, 1951Bobby Thomson's 'Shot Heard 'Round the World'
144October 8, 1956Don Larsen's Perfect Game in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series
145October 10, 1920Bill Wambsganss' Unassisted Triple Play.
146October 13, 1960Bill Mazeroski's Walk-Off Home Run in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series
147October 15, 19861986 NLCS Game 6. Mets Clinch the National League Pennant after a 16 Inning Marathon Game.


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